C-QUADRAT ACTIVE Asset Allocation

Solution for each market situation

Global financial markets are constantly changing. Asset classes with promising opportunities on one day might suffer losses on the following day.

Funds offer an attractive alternative for many investors, particularly in times of low interest rates. Ongoing monitoring and active management are key to seizing opportunities in ever-changing markets.

Analysis of different asset classes

The quantitative C-QUADRAT ACTIVE Asset Allocation Model continuously analyses trends in the global markets. All major asset classes are evaluated in terms of their return, risk and correlation.

On the basis of these rule-based calculations, C-Quadrat fund managers optimize a flexible portfolio consisting of different market segments.

Active risk management

C-Quadrat’s risk management focuses on protecting the clients´ assets. The investment exposure is monitored on a daily basis and is adapted if necessary.

In the case of falling stock markets, the equity allocation is reduced. Active risk management attempts to avoid long loss periods. A smart asset mix is therefore set to increase the performance and reduce the risk of losses.

Performance through best asset mix

The individual sectors of the global financial market cannot be considered as independent segments. In fact, they influence each other and often only deliver added value in combination with each other. The best performance can only be achieved by those who identify these interdependencies.

A mix of different asset classes ensures an optimized risk/return ratio. A systematic risk management focuses on diversification, investment exposure management and avoidance of losses

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